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Award winning African wildlife artist, Nancy H. Strailey, uses colored pencils on hand made papers from around the world to create her unique and evocative drawings. In an on going exploration of her place in a 30,000 year long continuum of animal and cultural image-makers, Nancy studies animals at sanctuaries and preserves, and most recently through numerous trips to Africa.

The drawing process begins by gathering the materials - papers rich in natural color and interesting texture; pencils, lots of pencils, nearly every color of professional - quality pencil in every brand available, and graphite sketches of animals and artifacts which Nancy has gleaned from her travels.

Each drawing is designed in a series of planning sketches, which are then combined on the exotic paper the artist feels most suitable. Next careful, light layers of colored pencil are patiently overlaid to achieve the visual richness that is the hallmark of Nancy Strailey's coveted drawings.



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